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“I just like seeing the smile on people’s faces when sharing good food.” That is what Jerimiah Walters says when asked why he made his barbecue sauce. He spent over a decade creating the original bone sauce recipe. He just wasn’t satisfied with the store-bought sauces. So, he would create a recipe, cook up a good barbecue and get feedback from family and friends. Then he would refine it, cook up another barbecue and continue to ask for feedback until the one day everyone said “Yes, that’s it!” For Jerimiah it’s not just about making the barbecue sauce, it is about the time spent with family and friends when sharing it. It is about creating memories through get-togethers, barbecues, and campfire cooking. JW’s Bone Sauce was created by the Walters family, developed through great times with the Walter’s friends, and now it’s ready to share with others. It does not matter how people choose to use it. Braise it, glaze it, dip it or sip it, we won’t judge. We just want you to enjoy it and share over good times with your family and friends.  

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